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Greetings from the director’s desk.

Another wonderful year !

Year 2015-16 was yet another wonderful year. Happy children with their adorable smiles entered the gates of Caelum High to start their academic year on 4th June 2015. Adjusting to the curriculum, timetable, new class, new teacher was just a matter of time. Std.5 and 6 got ready for their 1st term exams in August. Other classes got ready with their assessments. Our Annual Day in August was as usual a great event. Every child participated in the entertainment section where they sang songs from different decades, rock and roll, pop, classical etc. and enthralled the audience. Our chief guest Lt. General Deepak Raj  gave away prizes for the Academic Year 2014-15.

After the mid-term break our children geared up for the annual concerts in October. Different themes from different cultural backgrounds were portrayed with great talent. Std. 6 showcased the story from Vikram Aur Betaal, while Std. 3 showcased a Chinese folktale. It is always wonderful to be a part of performing arts at Caelum High. It is extremely rewarding to see our children excel in this field.

December brought in Pre-Primary concerts of Nursery, LKG and UKG. We got down to practice for the inter house quiz, elocution and choir. Every child participates which itself is a unique feature at Caelum. January is the sports month. Athletics, drill, march past, football and basketball tournaments where healthy competition and disciplined sports activity were clearly an outstanding feat.

We got down to serious work after that to get ready for final exams for children from Std.4 to 6. Very happy with their report cards.

I am always happy with my children. They bring on my face a smile which words can’t explain.

We are now ready for the next academic year. Adding Std.7 to Caelum High.

I would like to thank parents, teachers and children of Caelum High for believing in the institute and making yet another year fruitful.

Can’t end without thanking God for making Caelum High—The Happy School.



Mrs. Monica Thadaney