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From the Director’s desk
Dear Parents,
The new academic year has begun and we will now start the 3rd week.  Hope the year runs smoothly with perhaps only a few issues that the management can handle with ease.  
I would like to bring to your notice a few rules every parent must follow to help the proper functioning of the day to day routine.  
1.  The school calendar clearly states the timings of the school 7.35 am – 1.55 pm. All buses, cars and personal means of travel must reach the school premises between 7.25  and 7.30 am.  Unlike last year where buses coming from Camp and Mangaldas road would reach the school between 7.45 – 50 am, so those children could never attend school assembly, which will now not be permissible.  Any student entering the premises after 7.35 am will be made to skip their first lesson.
2.  The school gate will be opened for dispersal at 1.55 pm only.  The bus attendants will count the children in their respective buses and move out any time between 2 pm – 2.10 pm unless there is any technical issue with the bus. Buses do not move out at 1.45 pm as per many emails sent to us. 
3.  The attendant and the driver are working for the school.  You are not allowed to ask them for personal favours – sending tiffin boxes to class rooms or carrying your child’s bag.  A few attendants have complained that on a delay, parents feel free to yell and scream at them.  Please refrain from doing so.  In case the attendant or the driver is rude or is driving rashly, you are requested to email the school to take the necessary action.
4.  The buses have CCTV camera so any kind of inappropriate behaviour by the children in the bus, will be looked into sternly.  The GPS is connected to school’s system for us to monitor the movement of the buses. You are free to call up the transport officer to find out exact location of the bus after 2.30 pm.
The management has always tried to keep the child’s safety in mind.  However if you are unhappy with the transport you may use personal means of travel.  Transport facility is a privilege, not a right!  Demands of small vans, first drop, last pick, change of  time will not be entertained.  Personal and private transport will not be permitted to enter school campus.
Mrs. Monica Thadaney