Visit to Cake Factory: 16-Mar-16

Visit to Monginis Cake Factory – CLASS IV  (16-Mar-2016)

Arnav JhamvarCakes! Pastries!! Does it sound yummy?? Yes, of course!! Have you ever seen how a cake is made or have you been to a cake factory?? On 16th March 2016, class IV of Caelum High School visited Monginis.

DhruvBefore we entered the process room, it was ensured that everybody wore their caps. Then we saw that the cakes were put into cubical trays. There were heart shaped cakes which were kept on a tiny tray which kept moving through the conveyor belt into an open box which is packed and sent for delivery.

Harsh ShahThen we were taken to a room which was decorated fully with tempting and yummy photographs of cakes which were available. Then the chef showed us how to make the blackforest and pineapple cakes in two minutes. I was really surprised and astonished, how the chef was so skillful and perfect. The staff also gave us pastries and they were delicious as usual.

FarzaanWe soon bid a bitter sweet farewell to the Monginis cake factory, after being enchanted by the sweet aroma of cakes. Our journey back to school was equally exciting as we could not wait to tell all our friends of our experience at the Monginis Cake Factory. Thank you Caelum High for once again enriching our lives.