Visit to Autistic Centre : 17-Mar-16


The students of standard 5 & 6 of Caelum High were recently taken to the Autism Centre at Shivajinagar, to make them aware of their social responsibilities, and to help them realize that they are blessed and privileged.

Attached below is the appreciation mail from the centre, and the thoughts of a few children post their visit.

Dear Ms. Monica,

I am very thankful to you for your kind visit to our centre.  All special children from Prasanna enjoyed a lot.  They enjoyed the music. We could see a smile on their faces and the enthusiasm brought in by all the children from Caelum High School.

On behalf of Prasanna Autism Centre, I would like to thank you for the kind donation made and this donation will be really beneficial to us.  Alongwith this mail, Pl. find herewith details about our NGO and its activities for your reference.

It would be very kind if you could help us in carrying out this social cause by sharing information about autism and about our social work with all your friends, family friends and in Rotary Club of Pune Airport.  It will help in create awareness about autism in the society.

Also attaching scan copy of the receipt towards donation.  Kindly receive the same.

Thanking you,

With warm regards,
Sadhana Godbole
Managing Director
Prasanna Autism Centre
895 Shivajinagar, Deccan Gymkhana,
Pune – 411004.
(M) 9326013744.

Akanksha MahapatraIn this beautiful world, there are some people who are different – who are unable to do a few simple things we are able to do. These people are the ones who will blossom in the love we give them and become lovely flowers. But we do not give them that love. We ignore them, walk past them and treat them like untouchables. They are just like us but only have difficulties in comprehending, being social and communicating. Our words just flow out of our mouth, but they struggle to do so. They are autistic people who are nervous to look at – they are quite sensitive and follow a routine they can’t change. To learn how to live with these people and make them feel comfortable, we were taken by the school to Prasanna Autistic Centre.

Rishabh BajajPrasanna Autistic Centre is an institute which works as a day school for differently abled children. There were around 30-40 children. Looking at them I could not differentiate myself from them, but God had made them special. We shook hands with them. We saw their classrooms and observed their behavior and the way they studied. We learnt that they all are different but that does not mean we treat them differently. We greeted them with a smile and learnt to treat everyone with love and respect. If children with such challenging difficulties have the confidence to live and move ahead in life, why do we quit by encountering small difficulties.

Varun JhamvarAfter seeing and visiting all the rooms we had planned to sing for them. We all sang their favourite songs and songs which they enjoyed listening to. Some kids even danced while we sang. Our Principal even danced with the kids and we played with them. Later we took photographs and they felt really happy. We also distributed chips. As we got down I thanked God for giving me such a priviledged life. God has given us everything and we keep asking for more and more. We must learn to appreciate the smallest of things in life.

FarhinaIt is not their fault that they are lost in a different world and not able to progress and develop. It is not in their control and sometimes they do not realize that they are shouting and are angry. I feel very lucky and blessed. I am grateful to the God for making me normal. I realize now that they are special people and I can do my part by sharing my time and visiting them, educating them and playing with them. Most importantly I realized that we should all treat them equally.

SaraWhile coming back I did not talk to my friends, as I was thinking about the trip. I thought we should all consider ourselves lucky as God has blessed us and we are born normal. I did not know that there are people in this world who are not as privileged as I am. I was happy that I was able to see a smile on a person’s face because of me and my school. I am proud to be a Caelumite and I can say that my school gives me and all my Caelumite friends an opportunity to learn from every field trip, to go ahead and look into all phases of life.