School Song


Caelum High, Caelum High
We proudly want to show
The students of today
Are the leaders of tomorrow
The world is full of schools to see
But our motto ever shall be
To love and serve with humility
Caelum High is the school for me.
A galaxy of stars
Creates a constellation
Feelings of anger, envy and hate
Will be overcome by compassion
As teachers, pupils stand together
To lend a helping hand
Love, faith and humility
Eventually will matter.


With hearts filled with courage
We hold our heads high
We are the stars of Caelum high

With compassion we shall overcome,
Anger, envy and hate
To follow the path of truth,
And make our lives great.

With god and love within us,
All goals within reach,
No challenge too high for us,
As we believe in the powers of each.

We shall approach all activity,
With humble hands and creativity
To live upto our motto, will be our duty,
Lets all say it aloud –
Courage, Compassion and Creativity